Art Influences Compassionate Action

A Study by Dr. Melissa J. Dolese

Dr. Melissa J. Dolese

Art Influences Compassionate Action

Melissa J. Dolese, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York – Potsdam specializing in the Psychology of Art and Aesthetics. As a researcher, artist, and curator of experience, she investigates meaning making, preferences, and aesthetic emotion through a communication framework. She is currently investigating if art can inspire compassionate actions.

A virtual poster presentation of Art influence compassionate actions can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Dr. Melissa J. Dolese would like to acknowledge the stewards of the Lives of the Dalai Lama exhibit, Embracing Compassion, for their investment of resources to make the Colorado State University – Pueblo (CSU-P) showing possible; in particular Julia and Jim Miller. I’d also like to acknowledge Aaron Mandelbaum for personally transporting the artwork across the country from New York City to Colorado for the unveiling. Appreciation and acknowledgement is due to Dr. Caroline Peters, the curator of CSU-P’s Fine Arts Gallery for allocating the space and helping to organize the debut reception. Additionally the gallery assistants at CSU-P who not only hung the art but watched diligently as stewards of the collection. I’d also like to thank Research Assistants: Yamel Ramirez, Chanelle Stewart, Preston Sprulock, and Rachel Talent for their assistance in collecting, organizing and compiling data. And finally, Adam Pocious, CSU-P’s Manager of Instructional Technology and Web Development for capturing a digital record of the event.

Correspondence concerning this study should go to Melissa J. Dolese, State University of New York – College at Potsdam, Department of Psychology, 44 Pierrepont Avenue, Potsdam, NY 13676